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Best of Show, Large Quilts, sponsored by Valley Veterinarians
NACQJ Award of Merit, awarded by NACQJ
#216 “Moonflower,” by Molly Hamilton-McNally

Best of Show, Wall Quilts, sponsored by Kings River Quilt Guild
#473 “Glacier Star,” by Carol E. Smith

Best Hand Quilting, sponsored by Nancy Rink Designs
#427 “Spring Is Here,” by Judie Fleming

Best Domestic Machine Quilting, sponsored by Greg’s Xpress Car Wash
#208 “Crossroads,” by Sharon L. Schlotzhauer

Loretta White Memorial Award (Best Custom Long Arm Quilting), sponsored by Dyanne Cox
#208 “Vintage Rose, by Laura Coombs

Best Computer-Assisted Quilting, sponsored by Greg’s Xpress Oil Change
#215 “Infinity,” by Dawn Haldeman

Best Hand Applique, sponsored by Porterville Quilters
#460 “Hummingbird’s Delight,” by Rosillis Rosario

Best Machine Applique, sponsored by Calico Mermaid
#475 “Warm Regards,” by Carol E. Smith

Best Machine Embroidery, sponsored by Calico Mermaid
#447 “13 Days of Halloween,” by Janice Minyard

Best Use of Embellishment, sponsored by Karen Ervin
#415 “Solar Flare,” by Sandra Clark

Best Use of Color, sponsored by Valley Oak Quilt Guild
#431 “The Front Porch,” by Rebecca A. Haley

Outstanding Art Quilt, sponsored by Charlotte Rogers
#485 “Iggy the Iguana,” by Cindy Thompson

Outstanding First Time Entrant, sponsored by Calico Mermaid
#235 “Roses for My Mother,” by Rosillis Rosario

Judge’s Choice – Cindy Seitz-Krug, sponsored by Orange Blossom Quilters
#466 “Broken Shell Beach,” by Sew Eclectic

Judge’s Choice – Pamela Walsh, sponsored by Orange Blossom Quilters
#454 “Tiny Prints to Love,” by Bonnie Pius

Most Memorable Quilt, sponsored by Bobbi Moore
#468 “Women’s Work,” by Beth Shaffer

Chairman’s Special Merit, sponsored by Suzanne Kistler
#206 “Haru,” by Sandra Clark

Celebrating Agriculture, sponsored by Kausen Farms
Viewer’s Choice, Quilts, sponsored by Common Threads Quilt Guild
#422 “The Heart of America,” by Sharon Engel

Celebrating Tradition, sponsored by Dr. Ted Sobieralski
#233 “The Winds are Blowing Pinwheels,” by Patricia Robertson

Grandpa’s Choice, sponsored by Dr. Ted Sobieralski
#488 “Dolly’s Special Wardrobe,” by Wendy Van Beek

Navy/Marine Corps Award of Excellence, sponsored by Van & Lynn Guritz
#219 “Harboured Lighthouse,” by Kathy Koga

Viewer’s Choice, Dolls, sponsored by Doll Emmas
#D-10 “Looking for the Isle of Guinea Pigs,” by Susan Bellamy

Viewer’s Choice, BOTV Challenge, “Valley Agriculture,”
Sponsored by Sierra Fiber Arts
Best of Show - #002 “Fields of Many Colors Under the Summer Sky,” by Rebecca Haley

1st - #006 “Off to Market,” by Sue Marcotte
2nd - #001 “The Farmer’s Market,” by DeAnn Farris
3rd - #004 “Seen From Above,” by Ellen Jordan

Viewer’s Choice, Quilts by Quilters 80 and older, sponsored by Jim Parsley Insurance
Best of Show - #701 “Vintage Rose,” by Norma Coombs

1st - #708 “Sturbridge Village Blues,” by Elaine Short
2nd - #705 “Tomorrow’s Promise,” by Kathleen Heinrichs
3rd - #704 “Totally Tulips,” by Betty Gomes

Viewer’s Choice, Quilts by Quilters under 18, sponsored by the Family of Carol Lapham Bartlett
and Mary Jane Loya (1st-3rd place)
Best of Show - #601 “Boot Scootin’ Bouquet,” by Tiffany Brown

1st - #603 “Ladybug,” by Makayla Fleming
2nd - #602 “Star Wars,” by Devin Fleming
3rd - #609 “Modern Log Cabin,” by Gianna Warmerdam


Group Quilts, sponsored by Cotton Patch Quilt Guild

1st #249 “ ‘Tis the Season,” by Valley Oak Quilt Guild
2nd #413 “Jolly Jingle 2018,” by Sheri L. Cates
3rd #493 “The Prayer,” by Cindy Wiens
HM #254 “Friendship Circles,” by Cindy Wiens

Kit Quilts, sponsored by Peterson Farms

1st #426 “American Beauty,” by Judie Fleming
2nd #429 “Farm Fresh,” by Tanya P. Good
3rd #201 “Dreaming,” by Felomena Barcellos
HM #256 “Autumn on Maple Lake,” by Tanya Wolfe
HM #416 “Diving Frogs,” by Paula Clelland

Niemeyer Quilts, sponsored by Cotton Patch Quilt Guild

1st #210 “Seeing Stars,” by Marilyn Droppers
2nd #221 “Quiltworx University,” by Brenda McCutcheon
3rd #207 “Cathedral Window,” by Laura Coombs
HM  #222 “Vintage Rose,” by Brenda McCutcheon

Large Quilts, Traditional, sponsored by Les White

1st #252 “Navy and Cream,” by Cecelia Westerfield
2nd #242 “Halo Medallion,” by Barbara Sindlinger
3rd #250 “I Got Carried Away,” by Kathryn Veltkamp
HM #253 “Kaleidoskop” by Cindy Wiens
HM #238 untitled by Sharon Scholta
HM #239 “Espresso,” by Elaine Short

Large Quilts, Modern, sponsored by Peterson Farms

1st #203 “Boogie Brass Band,” by Sharon Casey
2nd #204 “Boogie Wonderland,” by Sharon Casey
3rd #205 “Prism,” by Sheri Cates
HM #231 “Diamonds in the Deep,” by Doris Pyland
HM #211 “Playing with Rulers,” by Kristin Eilers
HM #248 “Offset Flowers,” by Phyllis Taylor

Large Quilts, Innovative, sponsored by Cotton Patch Quilt Guild

1st #247 “Northern Exposure,” by Phyllis Taylor
2nd #243 “Arcadia Avenue,” by Marilyn Smith
3rd #251 “No Straight Lines,” by Kathryn Veltkamp
HM #212 “Farm Living,” by DeAnn Farris
HM #230 “Floral Frolic,” by Betsy Peterson
HM #232 “With a Little Help from My Friends,” by Ellen Riley

Large Quilts, Applique/Mixed Techniques, sponsored by Phyllis Ogden

1st #236 “The Mad Hatter’s Flower Garden,” by Diane Ruby
2nd #227 “Autumn’s Light,” by Diane Mitchell
3rd #226 “I Don’t but I Did,” by Carol Mercer
HM #241 “Shirley’s Fluttering Butterflies,” by Brenda Sierdsma

Wall Quilts, Traditional, sponsored by Elaine Short

1st #439 “Pieces of the Past,” by Dana Lahargoue
2nd #451 “I’m a Farm Girl,” by Betsy Peterson
3rd #489 “Explosion in the Crayon Factory,” by Kathryn Veltkamp
HM #417 “West Virginia Wild Flowers,” by Paula Clelland
HM #449 “Butterflies Love Thimbleberries,” by Eva Nipp

Wall Quilts, Modern, sponsored by Kathy & Garry Schultz

1st #484 “Cool Cat,” by Cindy Thompson
2nd #425 “Vinyl Spinners,” by DeAnn Farris
3rd #492 “Finding the Way to My Heart,” by Cindy Wiens
HM #406 “Santa Fe,” by Katie Byrne
HM #405 “X’s & O’s,” by Hallie Bosetti

Wall Quilts, Innovative, sponsored by Kathy & Garry Schultz

1st #476 “Where Jan & Cynthia Meet,” by Carol E. Smith
2nd #470 “To Porto With Love,” by Janice Simmons
3rd #474 “To Infinity & Beyond,” by Carol E. Smith
HM #477 “1104 Itty Bitty Pieces,” by Marilyn J. Smith
HM #446 “Ringo Lake Leftovers/All that Jazz” by Janice Minyard
HM #441 “Ralph’s Memorial Quilt #1,” by Mary Jane Loya

Wall Quilts, Abstract/Original Art

1st #465 “Reveal the Beauty Within,” by Sharon L. Schlotzhauer
2nd #402 “Poppies by the River,” by Susan Bellamy
3rd #411 “Crop Circles II,” by Sharon R. Casey
HM #410 “Cosmic Shift,” by Sharon R. Casey
HM #442 “The Life Cycle of a Tiger Moth,” by Sue Marcotte

Wall Quilts, Applique/Mixed Techniques, sponsored by Phyllis Ogden

1st #490 “Fantasy Blossoms,” by Kathryn Veltkamp
2nd #456 “Rose of Sharon,” by Doris Pyland
3rd #448 “Twirly Balls,” by Janice Minyard
HM #471 “Glamourous Twirly Balls,” by Barbara Sindlinger

Wall Quilts, Pictorial, Landscape, sponsored by Rose Johnson

1st #483 “Confetti Yosemite,” by Cindy Thompson
2nd #486 “Oak Family Tree,” by Cindy Thompson
3rd #428 “Sunset Stroll,” by Suzanne Kistler
HM #412 “Up, Up, Away,” by Joyce Castro
HM #478 “Roman’s Jet,” by Leslie Sobieralski

Wall Quilts, Pictorial, Other, sponsored by Kings River Quilt Guild

1st #433 “Lizzy J.,” by Rosalind D. Hayward
2nd #430 “Two Heart,” by Tanya P. Good
3rd #445 “Sun Worshipper,” by Carol A. Mercer
HM #487 “Patches,” by Cindy Thompson
HM #418 “Baxter Bunny,” by Norma Coombs

Wall Quilts, Other, sponsored by DeAnn Farris

1st #494 “Happy Halloween,” by Mary Ann Wlaschin
2nd #495 “Which Witch’s Boot,” by Mary Ann Wlaschin
3rd #421 “Stacey’s Christmas Kitchen,” by Barbara Daniel
HM #480 “Beary Kind of Love,” by Tammy Swanson

Mini Quilts, Pictorial, sponsored by Carole Dulitz

1st #510 “Courtyard,” by Sharon L. Schlotzhauer
2nd #506 “Island Sunset,” by Suzanne Kistler
3rd #505 “California Dreamin’ “ by Suzanne Kistler
HM #508 “My Intent to Invent Room,” by Sue Marcotte
HM #507 “O, Foggy Day,” by Suzanne Kistler
HM #504 “Road to the Mountains,” by Kathleen Heinrichs

Mini Quilts, Other, sponsored by Linda Matthews

1st #503 “Vintner’s Dream,” by DeAnn Farris
2nd #511 “Salamander Circle,” by Leslie Sobieralski
3rd #512 “Feathers in Cheddar,” by Cecelia Westerfield
HM #509 “Playing with Sue Benner,” by Charlotte Rogers
HM #501 “Ties That Bind,” by Susan Bellamy
HM #502 “Tulips,” by Barbara Daniel